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Transcription Services


Upload your audio file by clicking the button on the right. Share your instructions and set the deadline.


​Receive notification of receipt of your audio file. Our Australian based transcriptionists will create an accurate transcript of the audio file.


Our expert transcription proofreaders quality check the completed transcript for accuracy.


Your completed transcript is emailed to you in the format of a Microsoft Word Document within the designated deadline.



Australian Based, Affordable, Accurate and Timely

We provide transcription services to a wide variety of clients both within Australia and abroad. Typically our transcription services include:


  • Market Reserach Transcription

  • Investigative Transcription

  • Conference Transcription

  • Academic Transcription

  • Interview Transcription

  • General Transcription


By using the following methods to record your audio you can significantly reduce the cost of your transcriptions:


  • Record with little to no background noise

  • Use a quality recording device

  • Take turns to speak

  • Don't speak too close to the microphone

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